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A Sunday Afternoon in their Happy Place

I put a post on Facebook looking to do a lifestyle session for a couple, never did I think the first couple I would be visiting was my brother and sister-in law. Oh my gosh I am so hooked! I still will be doing a select few of these for more experience so if you were one of those couples that contacted me I look forward to working with you.

Its always hard trying new things, new lighting, environment, letting life just happen and capturing the moments instead of so much directing. It was amazing just being part of their lives for the little bit of time i spent there. Even when they were on (break) I wanted to be taking more pictures. The best part is when they thought I was shooting them and instead I got sidetracked with the succulents. Good times :)

I have never been a fan of being on the other side of the camera, I am just not a fan of photos of myself, I do think if someone could just come into my home and take photos like this I might actually like them. Something about just being comfy in your home and doing what you do best seems easy. Their house was perfect, Its a succulent heaven. All the right colors and textures and the lighting was a dream. Pickles wanted her fair share of camera time too, even though at first she wasn't to sure. I could have spent all afternoon hanging out and visiting.

This being my first lifestyle couples session will hold a special place in my heart. It was truly a dream to first capture their engagement photos, they could have picked any of the amazing photographers out there in today's market but they picked me. Then wedding photos! My first wedding ever where I stood up as a bridesmaid and doubled as the photographer, Thanks to my amazing second shooter I was able to be in the group shots as well lol. and now these. To have watched my brother grow up and find love and for me to be lucky enough to provide a way to look back on all the memories is the best gift I could ever give them, and also the best I could receive as a talent. There is not a day that goes by I am not thankful for finally figuring out my calling, what I was meant to do in life.

A special thank you to Jade and Randi for having me take these, feel comfortable with me and any idea I have and just for being who you are, Maybe a little extra pat on your back Randi for making your house look so amazing I know Jade had nothing to do with that :) I think that was one part that got me so excited, is not only to photograph you both but all the great things your home had to showcase, even the fish too!

My favorite photo from the whole day might have been the one I was most scared about. To invite yourself into anyone's bed is a little strange and then to hang over them with your camera and tell them to just act natural, yeah right... But they pulled it off and I am so proud of this photo.

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