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Community over Competition

Over the weekend I attended a lighting workshop. A huge shout out to Kristin Reuter Photography for putting this event together. We started at her studio with so many useful tips, great information and lots of new things to go home and practice and help us in the real world.

She had everything set up so nicely and the chocolates were a little to yummy, I think I ate more then my fair share :)

After we were overloaded with some great information at the studio we went to go play outside and get to know some of our equipment better.

It was such a fun night and its always amazing meeting new photographers and talking shop. I should not say I am surprised with how supportive our local community is with helping each other out, but I am forever grateful. To be in a place where you could not learn from others and ask for help when it is needed would be scary.

When you work for yourself you must never think you know it all, if you think that way you will never keep learning. Even a simple conversation with another will expand your mind. I am very excited for what we all went over in Kristin's lighting workshop and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve with off camera flash.

It was great to see the teacher side of her. We used to share a studio space together and have done a few other events here and there but learning from her was a whole new experence.

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