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About me

I started loving photography when I received my first camera with I was 15. I took my first wedding photos when I was 18. Being afraid of kids as I was still one myself I didn't branch out at first, it was always a hobby but never a career. Fast forward 15 I went to school and was a graphic designer for 3 years but still felt something was missing, That is when I took the chance on myself and changed my passion into a full time career. I have never looked back. Working for yourself is one thing, being able to capture peoples lives is another.

Now being a mother of 2 and having a family of my own I it means that much more. I get it, I might have thought I got it when I was younger but now I truly know that every photo is priceless.

Its a magical thing, to be able to create a memories, a fun adventure, or freeze that raw emotion in a photograph. When no matter how many years go by all you need to do is look at that photo and you feel everything all over again.  I will forever love my job because I love the people I with  and what I stand for.


3600 Velp Ave Green Bay, WI 54313



...Because every photo tells a story...


I would love to hear from you!

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