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All you need is a smile

I can't even think of the last time I created a blog, I love writing but my spelling is not my strong suit. However this young man has inspired me to be the reason to start up what will hopefully be one of many blogs.

I have been photographing him and his family for a few years now and he has always been a challenge. Never wants to smile. He will give me the saddest looks ever or just turns the other way. You would think after so many years he would just give up and start to like me lol. Well he had other plans. So finally I told his mom I was done trying all the normal tricks and I just wanted to have fun with him. I explained the backgrounds might not be what you traditionally would pick for a milestone session, but I was after one thing and one thing only, a smile.

After chasing him around the playground and acting like a kid again myself I finally was able to capture the joy he had inside that he never wanted to show me before. I wasn't even sure if I was getting anything worth keeping because we would run into the shade then back into the light, I had never messed with my camera settings so much for one session before. Not to mention he was fast!

Then it happen, he forgot I was the crazy camera lady and instead I became his friend playing with him at the park. It was quite the workout chasing a 3 year old around the park but every second was worth it when I knew I had finally captured a smile, but most of all his personality. After this I think his mom and me decided his yearly photos are going to be taken anywhere that he has fun. Secretly I am hoping it is longtail next year because who doesn't like the beach and sand castles!

A special thank you to this family for having me capture so many of their important moments over the years, I have now became their friend and photographer.

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