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True Beauty

I recently did two boudoir sessions, actually did them back to back. I always get a little nervous before each shoot no matter what I am photographing. However to hold the responsibility of properly representing these women in all of their beauty is a task I want to make sure I shine my brightest. In the same token it is my clients that are sometimes just as nervous to show their all and be themselves in front of my camera. I know with experience I am better behind the lens.

What I thought might just be an ordinary day of taking photos turned into so much more. The conversations we had were priceless. Everyone has so much going on in their lives it really is important to just slow down and take a moment for yourself. You might think a boudoir session is always for your significant other but sometimes its even more for yourself.

It would be silly to say anyone is perfect, we are far from it, each one of us has our own set of insecurities. The challenges we face are what we choose to do with those. Some things we can never change, it is the ones that can learn to embrace who we are that are the most beautiful. With only one life to live it is to short only look at our flaws. For some it comes easy others need to work hard at what they have everyday. I think the harder you work the more rewarding the outcome is.

Not everyday when you wake up and look in the mirror is your reflection going to be the you that you want to see, but everyday you have the opportunity to make that change and be the best you. Learn to love yourself AND ALL YOUR IMPERFECTIONS, because they are what makes you, you.

If I learned anything on this day it was to always remain confident in yourself and the rest will fall into place. If you want to be one of a kind all you have to be is yourself. Being unique is so much better then being perfect.

In conclusion I want to extend my greatest appreciation to these women, to all the women that have let me get up close and personal so I could showcase everything they had to be proud of. The day you can be comfortable in your own skin is the day the world is brighter place.

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